jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2007

DVD de Transformers en preorden en Amazon.com

Apenas salió el anuncio de la fecha de lanzamiento del DVD de la película de los Transformers, Amazon.com puso a disposición la preorden del DVD a $22.99 la versión especial de dos discos.

Me parece un bueno precio para un estreno y una edición especial. Ya preordené el mío.

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  1. hola que tal, esta muy chido tu blog me gusta mucho.

    ha y una pregunta no sabes que es lo que contendra de material extra en las ediciones del DVD.


  2. Gracias por visitar mi blog. Según lo que leído, la edición especial del DVD trae lo siguiente:

    Disc 1:
    • Feature film
    • Commentary by Michael Bay

    Disc 2:
    Our World
    The Story Sparks - Steven Spielberg discusses his love for the franchise and early concept art for the film. Explores how the writers adapted the cartoon into a live-action movie and why Michael Bay is the perfect director for the film.

    Human Allies - A look at how the actors were selected and their experiences on the set.

    I Fight Giant Robots - An exploration of the military training that Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson underwent for their roles and the various stunts that the actors were asked to perform.

    Battleground - A piece on the senior officials from the Department of Defense and Air Force who consulted on the film to give it authenticity and the key locations that the U.S. government provided access to.

    Their War
    Rise of the Robots - Explores the interaction between Hasbro designers and Michael Bay to bring the toy line roaring to life.
    AUTOBOTS Roll Out - Michael Bay discusses working with Chevy and its designers and the modifications that were made to the cars seen in the film.
    DECEPTICONS Strike - The film’s military advisors discuss the “toys” they allowed the production to borrow: F-22 Raptors, Ospreys and A-10 Warthogs.
    Inside the AllSpark - ILM’s digital artists discuss the challenges of bringing the TRANSFORMERS to life.

    More Than Meets The Eye
    From Script to Sand: The SKORPONOK Desert Attack - An in-depth look at the making of this particularly epic and challenging scene from initial storyboarding through production and visual effects.
    Concepts - Early sketch concepts of the robots.

    Fuente: Transformers Live Action Movie Blog


  3. Muchas gracias por la respuesta.

    Hasta luego!!!!!!!!



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